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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I Am Expecting! (Not Pregnant...)

Today is January 1, 2013

This morning as I woke up I realized the newness of this day. 2012 is history and the possibilities for the upcoming year is endless.  God did so much in 2012 and the resistance that often took place in my heart or in my follow through didn't stop Him from changing lives. This past Sunday Richard honestly preached the best sermon I have ever heard him preach. He asked the question " God if I don't accomplish anything else this year what is the ONE thing you want me to do?"  Today I am abandoning my ways, my wish list, my plans and my passion to be fully open and empty as I ready myself for what God wants me to accomplish.  Genesis chapter 22 Abraham was asked to to do something crazy, bold and full of total surrender and faith. This one line rocked my world. He was asked to sacrifice his adult son and yet with his heart ready, open and fully surrendered he says this to the servants....

Verse 5 Then Abraham said to his young men, "stay here with the donkey;I and the boy will go over there and worship and come again to you"

He was asked essentially to kill his son and yet he said with confident expectation that both of them would return!! What is it that God is asking you to give up, sacrifice or do in 2013?  Better yet what can you do today to walk in the direction of obedience and surrender.  My one word is all through this passage in Genesis. Abraham had HOPE. He didn't know how God would do it and he NEVER asked he just knew with confident expectation that God is God and His faithfulness is constant.  As I was closing out 2012 I came across this verse and it is a beautiful picture of exactly where I am this morning as I embrace a new year with an expectant heart.  Let today be a spiritual marker of your total surrender:) Happy NEW Year everyone!

Psalm 106:12 then they BELIEVED His words;they sang His praise

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