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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My personal trainer is better than yours -

I have started this new workout program at the YMCA with a personal trainer. I hit a plateau for a few months and now since I am not working I decided to turn up the heat on working out and really focus on getting over this hump and finish what God started in me. I was so nervous when I started but I love my personal trainer. Stephanie knows her stuff, understands my passion for losing weight and pushes me in the areas that I am afraid. When we are following Jesus we often come to Him with some request that are bold and some with a prideful heart. We ask out of personal gain and beg for him to do things in our timing and yet when He doesn't speak in our timing our anger towards Him speaks louder than the sweet whispers of His grace and direction. I believe that when we truly understand who God is we can then move past it being about us and really move into that place of just being still in His presence and letting that be enough. The first thing I love about Stephanie is her knowledge. The first day i met with her she explained so much about the body and food that would help me understand the purpose behind working out and eating certain type of foods. Jesus also knows everything about my dreams because He not only birthed them in me He created those dreams. He knows my future forgot my past and wants good for me despite my weaknesses. He can see beyond my questions and fears and is able to provide peace and endurance along the way. The second thing about Stephanie is that she understands my passion for losing weight. She encourages me by cheering me on, praises my effort and doesn't shame me when I can't finish a set of weights or crazy leg lifts. Jesus also knows my passion! I am really learning that its not about a certain calling. It is simply serving Him in every opportunity I am given. Out of my surrender comes a specific passion but He has to to be my passion first. He handcrafted me into His liking. He formed me and called me His masterpiece. He is never ashamed of me or disappointed in me. He knows my hearts desire and said to ask ANYthing in his name and it will be given to me. He said He will blow my mind and I am excited to see what happens next as I take one step at a time in Him. The last thing I mentioned was that Stephanie pushes me in the areas that I am afraid of. I hate being around all those people lifting weights, and running on the machines next to me. I realized it's my inability to do those things so I have refused to do them in the past. Stephanie makes me ... seriously she makes me!!! The cool thing is that she actually does them with me! I love that she knows that those machines and weights will benefit me and the fear isn't a factor when training me. I simply love that! Jesus is the very same way, He provides for me truth to push me through fears and even more He is with me! He knows what scares me and He said you can overcome it because I overcame the WORLD! When you sit back and let these truths sink in, it changes your view of God your view of yourself and you realize that NOTHING is out of Gods reach.

(Jeremiah 29:11-13 ESV)
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord , plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you. You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with ALL your heart.

God I give you this day because you created it to begin with. You told the sun to rise the birds to chirp and controlled the wind and I get to enjoy the beauty of it all. God let me rest in the truth that you see beyond my fears, distractions and disobedience. God forgive me, push me, mold me and set me in the direction of YOUR heart! Here I am- USE MEq

Monday, February 25, 2013

Listening even on the toilet...

God speaks to me literally in the strangest places. In the shower, on the toilet and in the middle of the night. His voice isn't audible but it's clearly Him. Today was one of those moments. He gave me another piece of my puzzle. I am learning not to ask why or how but to simply say ok. Gods way trumps the plan I have in my head. I have currently been writing a lot with the hopes of God putting it together in a book. My first chapter title will be called "robots and control freaks". So many women are slaves to so many things like approval addiction, food addiction and many other impulsive behaviors that leave us empty yet in desperation to control something within our lives. This whole concept goes against who God is. His sovereignty in our lives goes beyond our comprehension and because we can't see or understand the why behind His plans we spiral out of control trying to obtain ownership and power in our marriages, friendships, jobs, school, and careers. When things begin to crumble we are left empty and vulnerable and without any self control. God wants good for you, and to protect you as He gives us bits and pieces as we live for Him fully along the way. Fully surrendering requires you to fully obey and let go of all control as you walk in self control.
A person without self-control is like a house with its doors and windows knocked out. (Proverbs 25:28 MSG)
Wow- visualize your house without any windows or doors. The fear at night that would set in when the street lights went off and darkness fell. Would your family be ok? Would a burglar choose your house? Would wild animals choose your windows to crawl through? That's a scary thought (however a skunk I would welcome) . When you and I give way to addictions, gossip or other areas of disobedience simply because we have no self control we are opening up our hearts, relationships and dreams just like that verse for fears and sin to creep in. Today I am praying for you to to let go of not only control but even deeper the desire to control. Begin to walk in His sovereignty and promises so you can live in His presence and not run from it. Remember Eve was placed within boundaries and because of her inability to maintain self control she fell into the hands of the enemy and tries hiding from her Creator. Ladies don't listen to the enemy! God has your life in His hand and His way is going to be full of adventures! Full of twist and turns but in the end others will see Jesus in you! Believe that!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Thank You Bob & Larry

Today I came across a quote by David Platt and it has stuck with me throughout the day. "We have no right to customize Jesus to fit our preferences & traditions. We don’t personalize Him; He revolutionizes us."   How many of us would willingly admit that we have devalued the cross by trying to squeeze our agendas of comfortability in "His name". How sickening yet if we were honest we all have chosen not to engage in worship because the music wasn't what we liked or expected. How many churches have split because someone was offended.  The simplicity of the cross can only be complicated by the enemy. He wants to distort your view of Gods perfect love story to the point of blurring your vision of what He died for in the first place. Tonight I sat flipping through Netflix trying to find something Rachel and I could watch and we both agreed on veggie tales because we hadn't seen one in so long.  She is 10 and moving quickly towards middle school and all that comes with that. Needless to say my baby is growing up!!! As we watched the simplicity of this show it was so clear what they were trying to get across. There wasn't nudity, sex scenes or foul language. Now I am not saying you have to only watch veggie tales but it was just nice not having to have a simple truth derailed by the complexities of the enemy.   I truly believe that satan's motive isn't to just keep you from embracing Gods presence it's cheapening it to the point you move right past it by not even noticing it.  If we can't even close our eyes and position our hearts to any song from this era or way back we may want to question our preferences and the motives of our worship.   In 1st Corinthians 11:3 NKJV it says this 
"But I fear, lest somehow, as  the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds  may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. " That dream within you will be derailed if you let others guide that dream. That passion you have burning within you will only be an after thought if you allow those fears to cheapen the power of the Creator. You have been made with masterpiece in mind by the One who literally spoke the universe into existence. Following God has nothing to do with your preferences or traditions of how you think others should follow God it's about abandoning ALL personal preferences in order for others to see and come to know Christ right where they are! God strip me of my selfishness and allow others to only see You as I follow with eyes locked in on the cross and embrace once again that is NOT about me :)