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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

keep your eyes open to who you might meet or what you might eat

I was in Target yesterday afternoon with Rachel and an older man approached me.  I had no make up on, my hair was on top of my head and I was doing the whole “Please Lord don’t let anyone see me” prayer in my head.  I was on the nail polish isle and here he came. His shirt was tucked in, his nails were nicely groomed, he was clean and wore a hat. He was at least 75 years old maybe even older and he spoke in such a gentle voice. He asked me if the shirt I was wearing was the church in the YMCA and I said why yes it is. He proceeded to tell me a joke regarding Baptist and I laughed and introduced myself to him.  His eyes were inviting and He began to tell me how he loved talking to people. At least 15 minutes past by and during that time I just listened to all his wisdom. I walked off from him smiling and wishing that I knew him.   I went in that place praying I wouldn’t see anyone I knew and then I left wishing I knew that sweet stranger.   God seems to connect the dots within our lives and in moments when we need that word of encouragement or that push to move in a certain direction. He also knows who we need in our lives in order for dreams to unfold and passions to be ignited. The people who surround you and I are not there by mistake.  God uses His hands and feet which ultimately means you and me to accomplish great and mighty things in His name.  The people who are currently surrounding you NEED you. They need to be lifted up and they need to hear a simple thank you and they need to hear truth. When you think about the concept of dying to yourself daily it can bring about some pretty uncomfortable thoughts especially if you are use to getting your way.  This week I asked Richard to go to lunch and instead of us meeting halfway he decided to come all the way to Gastonia.  Because he sacrificed 30 extra minutes of his time driving here I chose his favorite Chinese buffet (name shall remain anonymous) to show a little sacrificial love myself.  When I picked up a piece of my sushi I looked down and a mini yet ginormous scorpion type creature (bug) walked across my plate. We immediately got up and left.  They gave me my meal for free (how nice).  I lost my appetite however Richard declared “we will never eat here again” and so that sacrifice I made paid off.  I started thinking about that sweet man in Target and how I was so drawn to him and yet that BIG ugly bug in my plate made me get the heck out of dodge.  That sweet man had no agenda other than encouraging me.  That bug on the other hand acted as if somehow I was ok with it walking all across my food items.  We often push our own agendas and preferences and selfishness into our friend circles, the church body and even into our relationships and marriages.  The hurtful words, unrealistic expectations and pride will only drive wedges between you and the people you are surrounded by as well as keep you from moving forward.  We choose daily to respond to people with love or without love. When we are in a hurry most people don’t get the loving side of us lets be honest.  I am guilty of not trying to make eye contact and hurry in & out of stores. The Target incident stopped me in my tracks because I needed to talk to that sweet man because in that moment I needed to be encouraged without even knowing it.  Galatians 6:10 says this “Therefore, as we have opportunity let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.”   I understand that dying to myself means I no longer get a say in how things unfold.  I am called to love, to serve and seek out people within the body of believers to love on and to lift up just like that sweet man sought me out in the middle of a store.  When non believers see this love they will be drawn in with such intensity because they will see the love of Christ played out simple, pure and untouched by the selfishness that likes to creep in.  Keep your eyes open someone needs you today.

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