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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Silence is golden

How many of you know people or have known people who always want to tell you all that is on their mind. They complain, they argue, they look for the negative and before you know it you are feeling like they are and you walk away defeated and drained? I read a passage in 2 Chronicles this morning about the Queen of Sheba and it says at the end of verse 1 "she told him all that was on her mind" . I laughed because I could totally picture this woman standing before Solomon in all his wisdom and splendor bobbing her head and pointing her finger at him. I also imagine him with a small but present smile on his face as she questions him to death.  Our responses and reactions to people like this are so vital. When we participate we enable. When we respond we fuel. When we speak only in truth we silence them. After Solomon answered every question it says in at the end of verse 4 "there was no more breath in her". What a funny picture she had nothing to say.  I believe that when we are in check with our own obedience and pursuit of the Lord we respond accordingly. Solomon had been blessed from his hard  work and from His obedience. We often stop working on what God has called us to do simply because we don't like or think we can do better in other people's lives. Today I encourage you to walk in tune to the heart of God and keep your eyes and ears on His truth alone so when people come at you there is no room for defeat because silence (on their part)  is simply golden.  

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