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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

distance doesn't make the heart go fonder.....

Today was my first day of exercising since my ankle injury back in March.  My friend Heidi had so much to do with my motivation. She would cheer me on and push me beyond when I literally thought I would collapse.   I mean the day I broke my ankle we were doing level 2 of 30 day shred and doing BOY PUSH UPS!! I was devastated and knew that I would have to endure major setbacks I also knew that I would most likely gain a lot of my weight back.  Today 4 months later I have not gained one pound in fact I have lost.  I am down 54 pounds since last year and I am more motivated than before the injury.  This morning at 6:30 am and I was so excited to reunite with Heidi for a powerful workout and it was that exactly!!! Jillian Michaels kicked my tail to say the least.  I had to start back at level 1 and I had to do modified push-ups and I couldn’t do the full out jump rope/jumping jacks but I gave it my all and now 3 hours later I am already soreJ  Before I left this morning I was putting on my cute hot pink tennis shoes and self-talking myself all the way to the car I realized that we often treat Jesus like exercise.  I thought about how motivated and dedicated I was to working out before my injury. I mean we hardly ever missed a day and I would even organize my day around my working out time with Heidi but as soon as something happened to set me back my whole life changed and fighting the temptation to NOT overeat became harder, the fight to NOT become numb towards God was hard and the fight against my thoughts of NOT caring also became harder. You see Just like I was in a routine of exercise our hearts have to be positioned daily to spend time with our Creator because when things hit us or knock us down its His word that sustains us.  I was given endurance, strength and God’s promises to lean on to bring me back to Him rather than indulging in a bag of oreos for a way out.  I also know that when you step away from intimacy with Jesus your thoughts, your words, your responses and the way you live daily are impacted and before you know it you feel disconnected.  This morning I was groaning and hating every sit up and yet a few months ago I was smiling and loving how far I had come.  What changed?  It was distance… God never moves and yet we often feel numb, angry, broken and away from Him. We MOVE and we stop moving towards the heart of our King. He desires our intimacy and daily pursuit of Him and we have to fight through the busyness of our lives, the pride that keeps us pursuing the things of this world and really seek Him with all we have.  I am so excited about this new season of exercise because my heart is ready and I am ready to finish what I started!! God thank you for allowing a broken bone to teach me how important it is to daily pursue you and to walk so close to you so that NOTHING can keep my heart from yours!!

1 Chronicles 16:11 Look to the Lord and His strength;SEEK HIS FACE ALWAYS.

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