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Thursday, June 28, 2012

we are God's play doh

Play-doh is something that has been around my entire life. I remember as a child my mom would make homemade play-doh and I would sneak and taste it.  Kids love molding and shaping all sorts of animals and shapes.  Its texture is soothing and it even can release stress.  It increases fine motor skills and it is perfect for killing time with kids of all ages. It is used for great object lessons and it comes in all sorts of colors.  As I was thinking about all the things play doh is used to make or shape I thought about how frustrating it is when people mix all the colors.  A beautiful pink can suddenly turn into a dull brown.  Once the colors are mixed you can’t just pull the colors apart you have to buy new play doh.   Often times our dreams and the desires of our hearts become play doh in the hands of others in our lives and before you can even see the dreams blending and taking on a new shape or idea of its own the dream is suddenly something you wish you could have accomplished.  The people we surround ourselves with have so much to do with the shaping of our dreams. We allow words to push us in the direction of our dreams or simply push us in the opposite direction. We think because someone else thinks an idea is crazy or out of reach that it must not be from God when really the craziness of an idea should assure you that God is completely birthing that inside you! Nothing about God ever seems to make since because His ways are far beyond what we could ever imagine (Ephesians 3:20).  Our insecurities also play a part in shaping our dreams and because fear is a beast we have to stand guard.  Fear is out to kill your dreams NOT push them into reality. I was reading in Isaiah 64 and it says in verse 8 Yet you, Lord, are our Father.
We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand” 
I want you to take a second to think about all the crazy things you have dreamed up in your head and after you talked yourself out of it how badly you wish you could have gone back and went through with it.  God is shaping your hearts to be more like His. He is shaping your thoughts because He knows that fear keeps us from so much.  He is shaping our dreams in the center of our being and passions and excitement comes in the form of our gifts that He gave each one of us. I am finding daily that when you allow your obedience to collide with your surrender CRAZY happens.  Maybe your dreams seem so out of reach at this point. Maybe you don’t have a dream. Maybe you are numb because nothing in your life seems to play out like you had intended.  I promise you that God has placed within you a beautiful gift and He wants to use you beyond your wildest imagination.  Start today by loving people with your words or serve people by giving your time and attention to their needs.  Begin seeking God with ALL you have even when you don’t feel like it.  Surrendering is NOT a sign of weakness it’s recognizing that God’s power is greater than your own.  God chose you!! Let that sink in... HE CHOSE US even with all the stains of our past and the brokenness of who we used to be.  We become like the play doh that has been mixed and instead of God saying we are useless He touches us with His hands and suddenly we are made new!! New dreams are formed within us and we must stay within the potter’s hands in order to see those dreams within us come alive.  Who has your ear? Push through the chaos of what you can’t do or the circumstances that maybe choking the life out of you and know that God has you safely in the palm of His hand and the shaping and molding are happening even now! Breathe…..



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