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Friday, August 17, 2012

stop fighting.. He has this!

I often wonder how hard it would be to train for the Olympics. I am sure they eat, sleep and breathe whatever sports their participating in. I recently set a goal for myself to be in a size 16 dress for my friend’s wedding. I was in a size 24 when I set this goal and I often would laugh because I really didn't think I would walk down the aisle in that dress.  Brittany is one of my very best friends and I never wanted to disappoint her and tell her I couldn't be in her wedding simply because of a dress. She came into my life when she was only 13 and God allowed our relationship as youth leader/mentor to deepen into what is a genuine friendship just 10 years later. Both Brittany and her husband are on staff at Revolution and they are incredible. She chose me to be her matron of honor and I wanted this day to be all about her and not my insecurities. After breaking my ankle I was terrified to step on the scales and yet I had not gained a single pound back. As the date grew closer I turned up the heat. I began doing Jillian Michaels level two (WITH REAL BOY PUSH-UPS) with my sweet friends and I watched every calorie. About a month before the wedding I tried the dress on and IT FIT!!!!! This victory would have made anyone be so excited and don't get me wrong I was ecstatic to say the least. The day of the wedding my anxiety was out of the roof. I knew I had to walk in front of at least 200 people in a dress. I remember going into the restroom and getting down and saying God please fill me with confidence to get through this wedding. Everyone was congratulating me on the weight loss and telling me how incredible the dress looked, but if you have ever struggled with body image or food addiction those compliments mean the world but when you are insecure the demons usually speak louder. I had to literally quote scripture in my head all day long. From 5:30am up until I pulled into my drive way at 10√≥clock that evening. Then Monday rolled around and suddenly there was no goal in front of me, nor any desire to work out.  I felt physically exhausted from the emotional marathon I ran in my head just 2 days before. I fell flat on my face and nothing was going to stop me….I ate ALL day.  Satan began telling me "I knew you didn't really find freedom" over and over I heard this until this morning I said ENOUGH not audibly but I screamed loudly in my head. I began this day in the presence of my Creator and not ONCE have I struggled today. I feel renewed and I feel confident in the power of my Creator. I don't fight He fights for me. God whispered so gently into my heart and said "Holly, (ahh He said my name) take one step at a time, not one day but step" I realized that grace is something that is poured out when I simply look to Him. I am excited that I have lost 60 pounds. Today if you are stuck, numb, or even angry know that satan isn’t fighting you he is fighting your Father! The very ONE who spoke the world into existence. Your struggle brings out just how powerful He is and you can walk in FREEDOM!! Be encouraged today and SHINE-

Joshua 23:10 Each one of you will put to flight a thousand of the enemy, for the Lord your God fights for you, just as he has promised.

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