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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Save the drama for your mama

For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints- 1 Corinthians 14:33

One of the things that women desire most is peace. We want to know that things are going to workout, that our dreams are going to come true, addictions will be no more, our bodies look good, and that we are going to get the job of our dreams. The list could go on and on.  Peace actually means; quietness, internal calm and my favorite definition of peace is this;  freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions.  We are emotional and we all know it. We respond in fear, panic and sometimes if we are being honest drama queens. We want the world to know how big our problems are. We need for people to understand that we aren't over dramatizing because to us its our reality.   After reading this verse I looked deeper into two words that caught my eye. Author and confusion.  The word author means creator of. Confusion means to bring ruin; to make embarrassed; and to disturb in mind or purpose.  God is not the creator of unfiltered emotions, negative thoughts and emotions that often bring about actions that inevitably lead us into ruin that result in shame and yes embarrassment? wow! Our thoughts always lead us into choices. We choose to walk in the direction of our beliefs regardless of whether or not they line up with truth. Because we desire peace this internal calm we chase outside temporary reliefs. In my own life I have been faced with circumstances & situations that have knocked me down and instead of looking to the author of peace I chose to move into an emotional downward spiral  and allowed food to be something that I truly believed would instantly bring me a moment of peace.  I would feel full for only a moment and then I would  be filled with guilt and embarrassment. GOD IS NOT THE AUTHOR of CONFUSION.  Satan intends for you to live a life of ruin through panic and drama. He knows if he can keep you constantly in a state of  CONFUSION  and emotional chaos you will never be able to fully live out your purpose. Remember confusion means to disturb in MIND or PURPOSE. He is out to derail you! God is however the author of your peace.  He intends for you to live your life with an internal calm trusting that He is in control and fully FOR YOU. He wants you to be free of oppression and He no longer wants your emotions to dictate your destination. Today look at your "go to" things.  Anything that replaces God is an idol and those things need to come down in the areas of your heart and your follow through. Know that the enemy takes every shot at you  to surface your weaknesses and then he goes beyond the line of attack to make sure you are suddenly immobile for Christ. Our emotions WILL keep us from seeing God and experiencing His plans for our lives.  Christ however takes your weaknesses and the things that keep you up at night and on your face before Him and transforms them and weaves them into His power so we can live victoriously for Him and in Him. Today is a new day know that your Creator wants to calm that raging war within you and bring calmness to your weary soul. Believe that!!

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