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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hold Your Banner High

This week I was reading in Psalms and I came across this verse in chapter 20 verse 5 "May we shout for joy over your salvation, and in the name of our God set up our banners! May the Lord fulfill all your petitions!" The main word that jumped out at me was "banner" which led me to Webster dictionary.  I began to visualize people holding huge poles with a thick piece of cloth tied between the poles with a symbol or a word that declared where their allegiance stood.  The banners signified how deeply committed to something or someone they were.  Another picture that came to mind was  the opening ceremony of the Olympics. The unity that walked behind each flag brought such excitement to whatever country you were represented by.  As I thought back over my life and the things I have declared I realized my loyalty would follow many things that kept me from experiencing victory. I would declare that my body was ugly and I followed that with all I had with fat jokes, to speaking such harsh things over myself and my loyalty to that banner is how I lived my life.  For a season I walked with defeat as my banner and my dreams, my friendships, my passion, the way I mothered my kids followed this banner. Never being being good enough in any area.  You see, the lies we attach our hearts to will be followed by the things that fill our lives.  Today God wants you to hold your banner high with words like masterpiece, worthy, beautiful, peace, trust, purpose and the list goes on. We choose to believe the truths of Gods word and fully walk in freedom or we simply choose to deny it and walk fully in bondage. The last part of that verse says "May the Lord fulfill all your petitions!" The word fulfill means "to make full."  Many of you are so empty and need to be filled.  He hears the cries of your hearts.  Today life up your banner in the name of God and embrace the truth of who God has created and purposed you to be!  

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