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Friday, August 29, 2014

Jump ALL in!

I am currently at the Double conference with our Revolution church staff and I have learned something new about each of them. I have measured where we are as a church by the messages Perry has been preaching and I am honestly blown away. Our vision has been pumped into my brain since before we launched and the language and heartbeat of our church is service. We create opportunities for others to flesh that out and because of that we are growing. This trip has been a success for sure. Last night we wanted to go swimming in our indoor pool but because they were remodeling it the front desk offered to take us to the hotel across the street to swim in their indoor pool. We waited on the shuttle to arrive and then headed over there. As we were walking in the guys were talking about getting into the jacuzzi because of their sore muscles and sore necks. We walk in and the lady at the front desk proceeds to tell us that their pool is also under construction. We laughed and walked back outside so we could catch the shuttle back to our hotel to use the outdoor pool. We were all hesitant to jump in because of the temperature. We all stood there waiting to see who was going to go first and so it happened. I took my Flip flops off took a deep breathe decided that bravery was my best yes and I just jumped all the way in.  It was so cool and refreshing!! After I jumped the others (chickens) decided to follow me. 

As I laid in the bed last night I thought about all the truth I had heard throughout the day as well as what I have heard today and the way we view our churches and the communities that surround our churches are a lot like the pool situation. We build up this expectation of how "the church" is to look. We want others to accommodate and present other opportunities without any hiccups along the way. When we arrived back from where we had started last night and I jumped in I was immediately glad we swam there. The water was cool and it was lit up and the sky was beautiful! It increased my courage, pushed me out as a leader and it called the ones out of the pool to jump with little to no hesitation. That's what we as the church are called to do. We are all different and we believe different things on different topics but God will always be God and the cross & resurrection will never change. That truth alone should drive a passion that pushes us all to jump in & be ALL in no matter what season you are in or your church is in.  When I see others criticizing or tearing down their pastors I always ask do you support your pastor? More importantly do you pray for him? As a pastors wife I promise He needs it. Sleepless nights, endless text and phone calls and emails, continued passion for the people and on and on. He needs your prayers. One of the things I love about our church is the level of encouragement we receive. A card will roll in or someone will ask us to dinner and encourage us & it's always at the perfect time. Today ask yourself am I all in? If not figure out why then move forward. Perry said this "it's ok not to be ok but it's not ok to stay there".   The Kingdom of God is moving forward with or without us. That pool wasn't going anywhere. We could have chosen to just sit around it and enjoy the color or the view and yet never experience the fullness of it. God wants you to jump and go all in TO HIM first and then serve and love those around you.  

Thank you NewSpring church for your contagious smiles and serving with excellence. You inspire me. Thank you Perry Noble for dropping truth in a way that encourages in real and raw ways. You are one of favorite pastors. You have encouraged Richard and I from a distance and we are so thankful. To Revolution church next month is year number 3!! We are growing and hundreds of families are being fed because of your generosity. Two schools that are often neglected are feeling refreshed because you have chosen to love like Jesus. I love you with my whole heart and the best is yet to come! I'm dreaming BIG! 

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