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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What if God is silent....

There comes a time in someone's life where they begin to look at their circumstances through a different lens. They begin to see their husband, kids, dreams, goals etc through the eyes of either "only if" or "if I could just do over" or "why God" and often those very statements can take us to a place of giving up.  I believe that God needs you to hear Him say DONT stop. Gods sovereignty should be the driving force behind any decision and our love for Him should be the driving force in our daily surrender. He is in complete control and there are times where you have done ALL the right "churchy" things and yet you feel absolutely nothing and abandoned. God wants you to know that He is still God. There are days you have positioned your heart to be moved and to be broken and yet nothing but pieces surrounding your life exist. God wants you to know that He is still God. There are days you can barely breathe and your circumstances have literally choked any ounce of passion and joy and there is no sight of what your next step is. God wants you to know that He is still God.  Our hearts can take brutal beatings from broken relationships to perceived failures to broken dreams and yet Gods sovereignty reaches down lifts our faces up, strengthens our knees, holds our broken pieces and reminds us through His sunrises, encouragement, His word and often times in complete stillness that He is God. Today there are many who need healing, some need a financial miracle and others of you who are soaring and the beauty of it all is that God is God in ALL of it.  You are loved. You are being heard and nothing you do or don't do will effect your love or response from Him. He needs you to lean in rest in His loving arms and NO matter the outcome trust Him fully because on the other side of
what seems like a never ending broken mess beauty awaits. I remember when my family went on a cruise last year and the days we were out at sea I was always so amazed at how nothing surrounded the boat except for a massive amount of water.  We would never stop all day and yet the next morning we would be stopped and out from the deck you could see the most beautiful islands. What if I would have stayed in one spot the entire day just hoping to see land? I would have missed out on all the fun that was happening all over the boat on the way to the islands.  Now I know that the season you are in may not have a lot of fun things happening but I do know that God has blessings waiting for you and He doesn't want you to focus on anything other than Him because in Him you will find exactly what you are in need of. I promise... 

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