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Friday, November 16, 2012

fuzzy and frazzled.. who cares just SHINE:)


Today my daughter was writing in a friend’s birthday card and she used a pen that reminded me of my childhood. It’s one of those fuzzy ones where you twist it and then boom the hair goes all over the place. How often do we feel that way?  When tragedy or unexpected circumstances shake us up and we are left hair sticking up and frazzled all over the place.  I want you to know that it’s OK! We are women and God knew we would struggle with fear that is why He told us over 300 times to fear not. He knew we would struggle with our thoughts and that is why Paul told us to take every thought captive. He knew we would run out of time throughout the day and not get everything done. We are not perfect and yet we strive to please those around us.  I want you to know you are free from any expectations that this world has placed on you.  Slow down, breathe and know that God is still God even when things are spinning out of control.  It’s time to shine even when you don’t think you can! It’s time to shine even when your house is dirty! It’s time to shine even when your kids are driving you bonkers! It’s to shine even when you are in a job you know you weren’t created for. It’s time to shine even when you have no money in the bank.  Ladies we are beautiful and it’s because of what’s on the inside of us.  Hope and Joy bubbles up and flows out of us in those crazy situations. God shines through you!! Let that sink in…  It’s time to give everything to your Creator. Put down that guilt, and that shame and walk in the truth of who He says you are. Release control and SHINE! SHINE! SHINE! Your story is going to bring healing to someone and may even ignite a dream inside someone.  I refuse to be quiet about what my Jesus has done within me. This world is going to shake you up and may even chew you up but know that God holds this universe in the palm of His hand.  Girls! Ladies! It’s time to change the world …… Let’s SHINE!

Psalm 89:15 blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the LIGHT of Your presence, O Lord.



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