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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Let your FAITH become an anthem of hope to those who have none-

We often look at the things in our lives that cause us pain, regret and even chaos as punishment from God. We blame Him for the seasons of our lives that don't feel good or stretch us into frustration and giving up. We question His motives, let go of dreams and walk in defeat because of it. Today as Fall begins I am praying you feel the seasons of your life shifting. No matter what season you are in God isn't shocked by it. He is isn't scared of the outcome and He isn't pacing over what to do. He has you and He is and will hold you as tightly as you let him. I remember when my girls were little they would get hurt and Rebekah would want all the attention in the world from me pretending to be hurt too to rocking her and spanking whatever it was that causes her pain. She needed the comfort of me just being there and on her team. Rachel would run to her room and cry and wouldnt want you to get near it. She would get mad if you tried to put anything on it and if it wasn't a pretty band aid well she wouldn't wear it. They both responded so differently.  As I look at how I respond to certain things in my life I often do the very same things to God. From wanting to gain teammates and support in some seasons and yet in other seasons we want no one around me including the truth of who God is or what He is trying to teach me.  Today you may be wounded and you need me to say that I am sorry and that everything is going to be fine. However if I am going to be truthful being "ok" may come in a different way. You see IN Christ holding to Him becomes enough and yet when we step away from our faith in pivotal moments we tend to crumble when things don't go in the way we need them too and we blame God rather than clinging to Him.  I have known for years that my calling is to speak into girls and women's lives about who they are IN Christ and even more about the freedom that awaits on the other side of those anxious thoughts that we all have and yet I have walked in bondage and refused to speak because of those insecurities and that paralyzed my dreams for a very long time.  I believe that as believers it's so important for you and I to keep our focus off of the dream, the circumstance , the season of drought and the pain and on to God Himself. Because it's IN Him that ALL things are made New and Its IN Him that all things work together for the good. Are you walking IN Him today? Let your faith be an anthem to those who have none. Respond in surrender not in fear. God has you and He has your life in His hand and He loves you more than you love that dream or that thing you so desperately need "fixed" it's time you press in & leave the results to your Creator.  

Hebrews 10:23
Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful. 

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