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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Is God a liar?

When I was in the 4th or 5th grade my sister and I had matching outfits (I know embarrassing). One of the matching outfits will forever be engraved in my mind.  It was a white turtle neck with a v- neck purple sweater over it.  We had dark jeans with purple flowers all over them and some type of flats.   I can still see those outfits so vividly in my mind.   In the neighborhood I grew up in there were several kids all throughout. We all were pretty close and together we had so many adventures.  Directly across the street was a guy who always had lots of his friends over and we would love to hang out with them. They were older and we thought they were so cute so we would spy and act like we were interested in their “boy” activities.  I remember one time my friend and I along with my sister decided to join the guys across the street in his back yard.  He had a creek that ran behind his house and they were doing boy stuff and so we joined in. We jumped from one side of the creek to the other, walked across HUGE fallen trees and slid down mud embankments.   I mean we were in it to win it.  However this particular day I had on this lovely outfit that I mentioned a second ago and as I slid down the embankment dark red mud also slid with me onto these beautiful purple flowered jeans.  Mom was at work and I thought what in the world am I going to do.  As we returned home I grabbed my sister’s clothes along with mine and I put them into the washing machine.  The problem was that I had no idea how much detergent to put in so I just poured A LOT in.  It worked but It spilled out all over the laundry room and into the kitchen and there were bubbles ALL over the place. I was freaking out and needless to say I got into some major trouble because lie after lie came out of my mouth on how we got our new clothes so muddy and why there was hardly any detergent left.  There is a common theme among the stories of girls that I hear.  Throughout their lives people's words led them to deep rooted negative thoughts and that in return led them to find fulfillment in something other than God.   A girl once said her father was so distant and gave her no attention that she looked for guys to fill up this longing in her heart to feel wanted and loved.  As a girl who felt the same way growing up I look back now and I see it all started with words that were either words I longed to hear or words that hurt me.   I needed to hear I was beautiful and loved but because my dad didn’t give me those words and boys did I would run to them with open arms.  I would take such mean words from people because I was desperate for truth and yet lies filled my heart and my mind.   Any given song on the radio is all about love or  has to do with having a boyfriend.  Girls long to be complete and when the songs says” I will give you everything you need so baby just trust me” a girl melts and desires for those words to  PROVE true.  I came across a scripture in Proverbs - chapter 5 verse 3 – Every WORD of God proves TRUE, He is a shield to all who come to Him for protection.   As I read this verse and let it sink in I realize that when I struggle with my worth, or allow thoughts to invade my actions, or worry about things out of my control I am really calling God a liar.  WOW…. I am calling the Creator of the universe the very one who created my mouth, my heart, my mind and my innermost being a LIAR!  He says I am a masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10) and I say I am not. He says He is enthralled by my beauty (Psalm 45:11) and I talk about my body in a negative way.  I worry about my future and He says He has equipped me and wants to blow my mind (Ephesians 3:20).  God's word PROVES TRUE!  There is nothing I can do, or say or even get lost in that will fulfill that place within me that longs for truth. God is truth and His words should be the only words I cling to for completion.   His words should be the very thing that drives me to love people. His words should be the only words I look to as a means of provision.  His words pierce darkness and illuminate the areas of our hearts where brokenness once was and restoration now stands.  God’s words brings redemption and yet we turn to the words of people from our past or current friendships to guide us to shape us and to mold who we are.  Trying to measure up to someone will only leave you empty and frustrated. It’s time to start walking in the confidence that you are equipped to BE YOU and leave the results up to God.   

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