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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Control freak?

God speaks to me literally in the strangest places. In the shower, on the toilet and in the middle of the night. His voice isn't audible but it's clearly Him. I am learning not to ask why or how but to simply say ok. Gods way trumps the plan I have in my head.  So many women are slaves to so many things like approval addiction, food addiction and many other impulsive behaviors that leave us empty yet in desperation to control something within their lives. This whole concept goes against who God is. His sovereignty in our lives goes beyond our comprehension and because we can't see or understand the why behind His plans we spiral out of control trying to obtain ownership and power in our marriages, friendships, jobs, school, and careers. When things begin to crumble we are left empty and vulnerable and without any self control. God wants good for you, and to protect you as He gives us bits and pieces as we live for Him fully along the way. Fully surrendering requires you to fully obey and let go of all control as you walk in self control. 
A person without self-control is like a house with its doors and windows knocked out. (Proverbs 25:28 MSG)
Wow- visualize your house without any windows or doors. The fear at night that would set in when the street lights went off and darkness fell. Would your family be ok? Would a burglar choose your house? Would wild animals choose your windows to crawl through? That's a scary thought (however a skunk I would welcome) .   When you and I give way to addictions, gossip or other areas of disobedience simply because we have no self control we are opening up our hearts, relationships and dreams just like that verse for fears and sin to creep in. Today I am praying for you to to let go of not only control but even deeper the desire to control.  Begin to walk in His sovereignty and promises so you can live in His presence and not run from it.  Remember Eve was placed within boundaries and because of her inability to maintain self control she fell into the hands of the enemy and tries hiding from her Creator. Ladies  don't listen to the enemy! God has your life in His hand and His way is going to be full of adventures! Full of twist and turns but in the end others will see Jesus in you! Believe that! 

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