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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A mighty bloom is coming!

Another month seems to be flying by and that means my BIRTHDAY month is right around the corner.  The sky is filled with such beauty this morning. The sun is beaming and the flowers seem to be so incredibly bright in color.   Yesterday Rain poured in my city and yet it snowed in other cities.  I am reminded of this simple saying "April showers bring May flowers.” As poetic as it is this statement offers hope.  Sunshine will shine on the trees and flowers and each will begin to bloom and grow.  The days when we wake up feeling so frustrated with life, so overwhelmed with stress, and the never ending chaos we tend to have we must realize that our sunshine is coming. The assurance of hope is resting in the truth that IT WILL come, not just waiting on it, but knowing that it’s coming. The times in our lives when we seem to be at the end of our rope and we can't seem to move forward in any area of our lives are the very times we need to RUN to our Creator!! Our independence is something we tend to hold on to with all we have. We desire to control the circumstances that beat us down because we are in desperate need of change and we think we have the solution. We turn to addictions or let ourselves fall into the trap of bitterness and resentment and before long we are left feeling hopeless.  The last storm that came through had both thunder and lightning along with massive down pours.  As the storm subsided I listened to the rumbling as it moved further away from here and then before long it was silent. His power moves me and yet at times I question His sovereignty by trying to take things into my own hands. I am learning to trust and fully embrace that He is so faithful to us, His love is unconditional, He provides a place of rest for our hearts, and He gives us strength when we can't do it any longer. I have learned that when you let the chaos of life such as unwanted stress, deep frustrations and so on to control you we lose the precious memories in those moments and the happy moments are sucked right out of the times that could have been full of Joy! As you continue through this day, don't let the stress in your life keep you from making some incredible memories with your friends, your children, your spouse, your siblings or that stranger you meet today.  God wants us to have life full of hope and joy. Today when the car breaks down, the computer crashes, you are running late, the work didn't get completed, the house is a wreck, you were in a wreck, you are sick, and you can't seem to find anything that fits and that bad hair day you’re having look for your ray of sunshine to come.  Let’s seek God in those hard times and allow Him to mold us in those precious times to look more like Him.  Close your eyes and allow Christ to wrap His arms around you this morning and as you rest in His presence release to Him your whole heart and know that it’s going to be OK. A mighty bloom is headed your way!

Get lost in Him........


Psalm 55:22 Give your burdens to the Lord,
and He will take care of you.
He will not permit the godly to slip and fall.

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