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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

She gets it....

Today Rebekah and I had a great discussion about college and just life in general. We talked about what it looks like to fully trust Gods sovereignty. We also talked about how hard it is and the pitfalls we often fall in because of our lack of patience throughout the journey. She truly is wise beyond her years and tonight she sat a table with two boys under the age of 10 drawing pictures of animals, mermaids and wizards, and shared stories about her childhood with them. She walked out of their house with a picture the youngest had drawn for her and I realized in that moment her leadership skills and calling on her life were so visible for me and yet she had no idea.  She can relate to an 8 year old and also to a 50 year old.  Her love language is quality time for sure so she honestly can talk to anybody all day long.  She said something this evening on the way home that is sending me to bed with a smile on my face she said "mom I want a husband just like daddy because he loves you so much and pursues you." In that moment I thought wow she gets it.  Even though she has experienced heart break already she sees past the moment and knows God has someone just for her. Girls tonight as you lay your heads down on your pillows remember that God loves you beyond your greatest fear & deeper than the wounds that hurt so bad even now. He loves you beyond your insecurities and all the things you see wrong when you stand in front of a mirror. Zits will come and they will go, & boys will break your hearts but the Creator of the universe wants you to know that He loves you more than words can describe. You are worth MORE so wait patiently..

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