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Thursday, March 20, 2014

What does TRUSTING God even mean?

What does trusting God really look like? When you step back from your crumbling marriage, addiction, eating disorder or any other circumstance that has you to your knees what does trusting God really tangibly look like. I had to really walk through that question in my mind and after looking up what it means in the Webster dictionary and seeking out some stories of trust in His word things began to line up and my heart embraced this beautiful truth. I need Jesus. PERIOD. Even when I don't understand or can't seem to win the fight against my struggle I still need Him. Today you need Him to provide. You need Him to move. You need Him to heal. You need Him to speak and when we are left without or have unanswered questions or even silence we fall apart from the inside out.  Trust simply means -< to be confident : to have HOPE>.  I realize that in my own life I pray with urgency and promise to put my trust and hope in Him and then find myself on the phone with a friend telling her how stressed I am. Is that being confident? All throughout the bible God called people to trust Him with abandon. They had to yield every bit of self in order for Him to move in their lives.  In the story of Abraham and Isaac I see a beautiful picture of confidence and sincere hope. God told Abraham to tie up his son and sacrifice Him and did Abraham run to his friends looking for a way out or for provision? No, He simply obeyed. That boggles my mind because it really highlights the areas in my own life where I don’t trust my Creator.   When we are pushed in the corner by others or by our own decisions we turn to God for a way out and most of the time we are promising everything we can to get out of consequences or the storm we are in.  The storms we are in are often a downpour of God’s sovereignty and provision that is being poured out on us and we choose whether or not we  will trust Him.  If we trust Him fully and take Him at His word then there is no room for worry.  Just like Abraham obeyed without crumbling God also provided the sacrifice and saved his son. We usually are confident in abilities until those are put to the test. For example  we can be confident in our ability to cook an incredible meal and then when others sit down to eat it we give every excuse of how it could have been better.  We play sports, buy cute outfits and dream big dreams and with one thought of failure we dissect our abilities and our confidence is gone.   We tend to take one equation out and that is trusting the Creator. He birthed those dreams inside you, He labeled you His masterpiece and yet we allow the mirror to define us and dreams to drift beyond our reach simply because of our distrust.  Today God has called you to something.  Maybe it’s finally forgiving someone. Maybe you need to look past the scales and mirror and begin to embrace just how beautiful you are.   Maybe your bank account is so low that you are worrying about your next meal and you need to trust him with your lunch or dinner or both.  What does trusting God look like to you today?  Our willingness to surrender and trust with abandon says a lot about our heart condition. When I am struggling and I choose to keep it to myself I just continue to struggle but when I hand over the struggle to God He fights for me and I am just called to trust Him.  I like that :)  

Psalm 28:7
The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.

Psalm 31:14
But I trust in you, LORD; I say, “You are my God.”

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