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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A lot can change in a week-

 As we approach Easter Sunday I thought about the journey Jesus made to the cross. I realized that a lot can happen happen within a week. Jesus rode triumphantly in on a donkey with people of all ages singing Hosanna and waving palm branches in honor of Him and then just one week later those very same people were yelling crucify Him.  Easter stirs all different types of emotions in people. For some it’s a call to return to your first love and truly surrender and move forward in following God with ALL you have. For others it’s a call to give your life to Him for the very first time and others it’s a trip to church in a new outfit and the routine of just going.   Looking back over my own life I have played the part of frantically looking for the perfect Easter dress and showing up with a huge smile on my face as my girls walked in looking like they stepped out of a magazine and then after Sunday passed I missed the moment to worship my Creator. I have also been moved to tears from songs that were played and video clips that pierced my heart to experiencing Jesus in a new way through incredible sermons.  This year I am praying for an awakening to happen all over my city. For churches to move past their Easter outfits, families to get beyond family dinners and egg hunts and for children of all ages to see something greater than Easter baskets.  God sent His son flawless, and perfect in every way to experience a beating that left Him so unrecognizable for you and me to walk in freedom.   How can we truly ever get over that?  Today as we move closer to Easter Sunday think about the triumphant entry Jesus made at the beginning of the week and parallel that with the moment you encountered Him for the first time in your life and what does that look like now? Do you still feel the same way?  As I read through the account in Luke I was moved by this verse in chapter 19  41 As He approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it…WOW!   I am praying for a daily renewal this week for pastors! Your churches WILL be packed and you have the opportunity to share Jesus in a way that will leave their hearts desiring more.  God MOVE the hearts of your people to an awakening like never before! Let us see our cities the way Jesus did that day! Let us experience you like NEVER before! The Easter countdown has begun… let’s ready ourselves for a DAY we will never forget!  Join me at Revolution church at 10:30 

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