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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I saw a dolphin!!!!

The word brave is taking the world by storm. Webster defines it as ; feeling or showing no fear: not afraid.  I believe a generation of cowards (including me) are starting to move away from this life choking fear and learning to embrace a fearless passion to do amazing things as they experience all the beauty of Gods power. 

Yesterday I snorkeled in the ocean of West Palm beach with some co-workers and the fear of just getting out of the boat itself was gut wrenching. I had convinced myself I was going to put on a snorkel mask go under water and as I would take my first breath it would also be my last because a massive shark was going to eat me. I played the whole scenario out in my head over and over and yet here I sit typing away so you know I didn't die.   I did however see tons of fish, wrestled with seaweed, laid back and let the crystal water wash over my face and breathed in the beauty of this massive body of water. I even got to dig my hands into the silkiness of the  sand and rub it all over my face and arms to exfoliate. I realized that the boat ride over symbolizes many of us and how we live life.  I was sitting back relaxing and enjoying the waves, and the scenery around me and we are ok with that even when we know there is so much more beyond the surface of comfort.  As the boat would hit every wave I was reminded of Gods faithfulness. He wants us to exercise His power not just expect it to fall on us. He wants His word to penetrate our deepest fears and ignite a passion to move us forward in the areas of our lives that have stopped.  Are you really dreaming beyond this captivity of fear in your life.  Remember bravery is feeling and showing. We can feel brave and yet never make a move. I have a lot of brokenness lingering within me but bravery is what pushes me to experience moments that move me out of my brokenness.   Today is your day to climb out of the boat of regret and embrace this massive ocean of redemption!   

This trip has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. As we left  my heart was full as the wind hit my face.  I began to smile because I had experienced the creativity of God in a new way.  As we are riding along my co-worker yells "oh my gosh dolphins" and immediately I was ready to jump out and swim with them. I went from arriving at the beach at the beginning of the week scared to touch the ocean to wanting to jump out and swim with dolphins. We watched with anticipation as they would glide by and come out of the water. It's as if they knew we were waiting to capture the perfect picture. God Is just like that sometimes. He waits for us to take our next steps of obedience and bravery and then BOOM we have dolphin moments happen because we are ready for the next blessing and adventure to come our way. Learning to be brave requires us to exercise that courage that has been replaced with fear. Today I encourage you to write this beautiful truth across your heart so you can begin to feel it and then you can show it.  2 Timothy 1:7- "For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands for God has NOT given us a spirit of fear but of power and love and self control. " I am choosing to be BRAVE today will you join me? 

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