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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Jesus is mine.

This past Monday I was in my team meeting for work. We were discussing the presence of God in our lives as well as within the ministry. As I sat there reflecting on what was being said the lyrics of an old hymn popped into my head. "Blessed assurance Jesus is mine". I began to mediate on these words and yesterday I took it a little deeper.  The word blessed means: happy, wonderful or praiseworthy; bringing pleasure or divine favor. The word assurance is defined by; having confidence, made certain and the word mine simply means something that belongs to me. As I look over the past 39 years of my life I have possessed many things from pets to friendships, relationships to material possessions but all have left me either from death, to circumstances, to no longer needing something.  As I allow the words of this song to sink within my heart knowing that I posses the one thing that will never leave me is what carries me and also sustains me.   When things get crazy in my life and the stressors begin to choke my joy it's the assurance that Jesus is mine that allows me to keep my head above water. Joy will surface when He is enough for me. I look around me and I see opportunities I see pain and I see fear all equally staring me down and it's up to me who I lock eyes with. This past week I was listening to a song on the bethel cd and I was moved to tears. It says this  "Finally ready now to close my eyes and just believe That You won't lead me
Where You don't go". When we trust God out of surrender and not fear we are able to fully walk in the plans He has for us.  There is nothing out of Gods reach. He redeems all things and makes all things new. Your love for Him doesn't dictate His love for you it only deepens the intimacy. I am currently at Ridgecrest writing and finishing up my book proposal. It has brought back painful memories, unlocked insecurities that I didn't even know existed and yet there is a peace that I can't explain. I know God has brought me into a new season and no matter the outcome He has filled me to the brim.  I'm sitting on my bed in my most comfy tshirt and running pants and I could honestly wear this everyday.  What I have realized is that I usually don't fix my hair when I am in this attire.  We can become so comfortable in our relationship with Jesus that we never exercise the power of God or move past a season of complacency simply because we chose not to move. Today as you look at what season you are in know that when this season comes to an end Jesus will still be yours. Rest in the promise that when all else fades His love and pursuit of your heart still remains.  

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