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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Time hopping is my new favorite thing

I downloaded the time hop app and I love looking back and seeing twitter & Facebook statuses as well as pictures I posted. It takes me back to that moment and it also shows me the growth I have seen in my life and others over the past several years. We tend to waste so much time worrying about the details of everyday life.  God wants to use those moments to grow us, push us and move us into a place of His leading.  When we are able to fully believe in His sovereignty then we can fully trust His leading.  It is so freeing to NOT worry about me and yet also a great realization of just how selfish I can become when my worry, anger and desires are centered around what I want.  Our attitudes are such great indicators of how healthy our hearts are and when we begin to hide behind a struggle and do nothing but talk about it, complain about it, give excuses about it we are pointing those around us to an idol rather than to a God who can deliver us from it. Over these last several years the one thing that has remained in my life has been this constant battle with weight and I had to position myself behind the very one who was going to lead me into a season of victory. I had to shift my eyes and heart and then my feet followed.  In Luke 1:45 it says “You are blessed because you BEIEVED that the Lord would do what he said”.  If I am trusting God to follow through with His promises there is no room for frustration no matter what season or part of the journey I am in.  In Hebrews 12:8 "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today and forever." He is an unchanging ever present God who never gets surprised by our anxiety, trust issues, worry, addictions and disobedience. However He will do anything to grab our attention & bring us back to Him so He can set us FREE to do what we are purposed to do. Yesterday time hop showed a picture of my girls from 5 years ago and they looked so young.  They are growing up so quickly and changing day to day. In the same way God was the same God 5 years ago as He is today in fact He is the same God who spoke the world into existence.  I just have to let His presence be made known.  I have to choose to seek Him. I have to choose to release all my hopes and dreams to Him. I have to choose to surrender control and let Him fully be my God.   

Holly Myers

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